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Install-Block Editor's Review

'Install-Block' is a simple application, which continuously monitors the titles of the windows you open. It's able to block windows with certain titles, thus enabling you to control which applications run on your system. The program is password protected. There are two separate passwords, one for accessing the program's configuration dialog and the other for unblocking applications.

This program can be used to block the installation of unwanted software. It checks if the window title contains the words "install" or "setup" and closes that window, if you don't enter the correct password. The downside is that you can't open any folders that contain the blacklisted words, because the folder's names are displayed in the title bar.

You can add or remove words to and from the blacklist, when you access the program's configuration dialog. It's also possible to define window titles, which you always want to allow. For example, you can choose to block any window title with the word "Internet", except "Internet Explorer".

Pluses: When you install this program in a networked environment, you can designate one computer as a Install-Block server. This computer can be used to allow or deny access to applications running on the other computers (clients).

Drawbacks / flaws: I was able to open my Recycle Bin from Windows Explorer although I locked it with the program. The name of the Recycle Bin folder on my computer is in fact "RECYCLER".

In conclusion: Install-Block is an application blocking utility. The fact that it only monitors window titles makes it have unwanted side-effects.

version reviewed: 2.0.7

Install-Block Publisher's Description

Install-Block allows you to password-protect the installation of programs. Prevent users of your computer from installing unwanted software which may potentially contain spyware or adware. Install-Block also allows you to block any window you want, including the Control Panel, Recycle Bin, or Internet Explorer.

Prevent users from installing,

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